Delivering ISO-Certified, Precision Machined Components On Time & On Budget

For over 20 years, Palcam has been a leading provider contract machining services ranging from high volume production to custom one off components. Serving a wide array of industries, we provide an extensive array machining processes including:

  • 5-axis milling using the latest and highest accuracy DMG milling centers
  • 5-axis mill turn capacity
  • CNC lathes equipped with bar feeders, dual spindle and live tooling
  • Star CNC Swiss Turning machines up to Ø38mm capacity, equipped with simultaneous b-axis for 5-axis features, thread whirling, polygon machining and deep hole drilling
  • Sink EDM capacity
  • Wire EDM capacity
  • ECD capacity utilized for precision deburring of internal machined features
  • Polishing and deburring capacity
  • Welding capabilities
  • Metrology Lab equipped with Ziess CMMs contact scanning, digital optical inspection, 3 dimensional laser scanning, hardness checking, metallurgical microscopy

Our team has the experience, knowledge and training to delivery on the most demanding requirements. At Palcam, we are committed to providing the highest-quality, ISO-certified parts within a budget and time frame that works for you.

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