Quality Policy

Palcam is committed to continuous improvement for better customer satisfaction. Our management team works with our Quality Management System as a tool to ensure that customer requirements and expectations are both defined and met as well as defining sound financial objectives allowing for continued growth.  


Guiding Principals

    1. Managing Fiscal Health
    2. Understanding and Meeting Customer Requirements
    3. Education, Train, and Motivate our employees and suppliers to support our business objectives.

Palcam uses the management review process to monitor and continuously improve its performance to meet its quality objectives, customer satisfaction, delivery performance as well as meeting the expectations of its stakeholders. We are committed to using and maintaining our Quality Management System that fully complies with the requirements of both ISO 9000:2015 and AS9100D.

Palcam is committed to educate and train its employees to meet their job requirements, as well as continuous skills development. We ensure we effectively communicate our goals and objectives so all employees are aligned and participate in meeting our goals.

Nurturing an environment that promotes teamwork and creativity, empowering all employees to actively contribute to the development of the systems that affect the quality of work produced and the services we deliver.

Scope and Exclusions

Palcam provides precision machined components to the automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, communications, and industrial industries. Palcam Quality Management System covers all activities at our Newmarket, Ontario facility. Our systems cover activities related to Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality services in areas covering prototyping, tooling, as well as production component manufacturing. Palcam Quality Management System is designed to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D standards.

Our Quality Management Standards excludes product design (8.3), as Palcam builds to prints and or data provided by the customer, and post delivery support ( Palcam does not provide services to products after the sale of the product.

Quality objectives

  1. Business Objectives
    1. Customer Satisfaction, zero customer complaints, measured daily from customer communications and interactions
    2. Employee Satisfaction, zero employee complaints, measured daily from employee interviews, communications, and interactions
  2. Operational Objectives
    1. better that 90% on-time delivery performance
    2. zero Quality issues raised by the customer
    3. Achieve financial performance goals

Quality Management System

Our quality team establishes and maintains set requirements for developing or manufacturing reliable products. At Palcam we continuously develop our process and in turn our products by using PDCA cycles. We plan ahead, do testing to prove the process and once the process is set we maintain it by putting proper controls in place for production.

At Palcam we follow the APQP (Advanced Planning and Quality Planning) approach to launch product and process designs. This framework helps us standardized the process and product quality requirements to achieve the customers requirements. At Palcam we invest strive to set the process right from the beginning by identifying and mitigating risks ensuring a successful program launch. This results in delivering consistent, quality parts throughout the program.


Verifying the quality of parts periodically ensures all the batches are produced with in the manufacturing specifications of the part. We verify the parts periodically in the following manner:

  1. First Off - Full dimensional inspection in our quality lab,
  2. In process measurements by the operator in accordance with the operating instruction,
  3. In process inspection in the quality lab for SPC (Statistical Process Control),
  4. Final inspection,
  5. and a Dock audit.

We ensure all parts made meet the customers specifications and specific requirements throughout the process from beginning to packaging and labeling.

Proper corrective and preventative actions are trigger ensuring problems are resolved both promptly and permanently. Following the corrective action method to find the root cause of the issue and implementing actions assuring none occurrence of the issue.

Using 8 Problem Solving Methodology and the following techniques we find the root cause of the problems.

  1. Pareto charts,
  2. The 5 whys,
  3. and Fish-bone Diagrams.

It critical to understand the root cause of and problem, in order to implement actions to prevent reassurances of the same problem.

Specific instructions in case of non-conformance parts is found at the workstation describing actions to be taking as well as who to inform. Any non-conforming parts are identified and contained in quarantine area and decision regarding disposition occurs daily basis by PMRB (Palcam Material review Board). Customer are informed in cases requiring any deviations. Data is recorded periodically based on the frequency of the control plan and analysis is done to understand how the production process is functioning. Different parameters are taken into consideration while studying and monitoring the process data. We pride ourselves in our data driven process and quality improvement processes, which is a central driver of our mission to create perfect parts on time and with a high level of consistency.