We service the most demanding sectors achieving dimensional tolerances of <0.002mm, at surface finishes of <0.1umRa

Palcam offers the latest in CNC Swiss machining technologies servicing a wide variety of industries across North America. Professionals at Palcam are practiced at dealing with the most complex components including:

  • Automotive high precision valve components
  • Military and Aerospace electronic connectors
  • Medical / Surgical Tools and Implants
  • Industrial Precision Valve Components

We have experience producing highly complex production components with dimensional tolerances of <0.002mm, at surface finishes of <0.1umRa. Our Star CNC Swiss turning equipment sets the standard for medical screw machining. All our capacity is equipped for thread whirling, polygon machining, and deep hole drilling.  Our latest 38mm machines are equipped with fully simultaneous B-axis stations to machine 5-axis features. In combination with 20 years of expertise in 5 axis programming, we are pleased to offer you ultra efficient solutions for the complete machining of your most complex production components.
If your contract requires a supplier with cutting edge machining and inspection capabilities Palcam is the right choice. Our expertise in multi axis machining, quality systems, and state of the art metrology, sets us apart among the most advanced machining supplier.
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To learn more about our services and or submit an RFQ please email sales@palcam.com