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Additive Manufacturing for High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting


Additive Manufactured smart insert enable precision control over the mold insert, which provides the process engineer greater control over ultimate cast part quality, as well as a dramatic increase in tool life
Additive Manufactured Core Inserts -  thermal control contrasted to the remainder in the standard die


Palcam Technologies Ltd. - Successfully producing H-13 components for High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting. Solving issues related to thermal control - including reduction of die soldering (which in turn increases die life), and improvements of cast part quality.

Palcam is the first to be successful in developing an H-13 laser consolidated material that is capable of outlasting conventionally produced H-13 Premium billet materials.

Ford GT Custom Component

Front Structural component for Ford GT Super Car!

When it comes to the most demanding requirements, Palcam can deliver!

Following component was produced from 3,000 lbs of aircraft aluminum billet, and finish machined to approximately 80 lbs. Specific features across the component maintain dimensional tolerance requirements as tight as 0.0005"



Additive Manufacturing Initiative

Palcam Technologies Ltd. - Launches an additive manufacturing initiative focused on the development of tooling components for the High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting sector leading to efficiency gains in manufacturing resulting from reductions in cycle time, energy inputs, and tooling cost. These advancements will also expand capacities of the die cast process itself, leading to increased aluminum content per vehicle resulting in lighter more efficient vehicles.

This initiative is budgeted to invest $20M over the next 5 years, and create 100 high technology manufacturing positions in South Ontario. Palcam will continue its work with local colleges, and universities to communicate career opportunities within the manufacturing sectors.

Lastly the knowledge and technological advances resulting from this project will be applicable to all sectors of manufacturing – aerospace, power generation, medical, as well as automotive.